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About Us

The founder of Koscove E-Waste Pvt. Ltd. is the first woman entrepreneur in Delhi NCR who has complied with the government norms related to e-waste. It is indeed a proud moment for us to see our founder getting the recognition she deserves.

Introducing one of the woman icons of our society who is a source of great pride for us. Ms Chhaya Sinha, an entrepreneur and founder of M/s Koscove E-waste Pvt. Ltd. and its managing director, built her empire quickly. The firm was founded in 2017, operating from a rented office in Kaushambi, New Delhi. She achieved the following milestone by registering the business as "Pvt. Ltd." in the year 2019.Her creativity and tenacious hard work helped her achieve this. M/s Koscove Ewaste Pvt. Ltd. is currently a reputable and trustworthy name. Today, M/s Koscove Ewaste Pvt. Ltd., under her direction, has employed hundreds of women and created new jobs for the market. Enabling other women to achieve their goals. Ms Chhaya encourages women to pursue their goals and be independent.

Our Mission

We aim to use cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to revolutionize e-waste recycling. We aim to reduce the release of dangerous compounds into the environment while maximizing resource recovery. We also want to empower individuals and organizations to make knowledgeable decisions about the disposal of e-waste through education and awareness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about a future where electronic trash is carefully managed, reducing any negative environmental and public health effects. We work hard to lead the e-waste recycling sector by offering complete, environmentally friendly solutions that meet the demands of our customers.

Our Awards

We are also pleased to note that our clients' confidence in us has helped our business stand out from the competition and win awards for excellence in Noida's IT and E-Waste Disposal.